Pole Course № 1 – Beginner & Intermediate

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Anastasia Sokolova’s 8-week course for beginner and intermediate pole dancers. Includes 50+ video lessons and access to our private community platform.




This 8-week program is the Prerequisite you need for taking Sokolova’s advanced courses.* After completing this course, you will have the proper foundation for learning her advanced signature tricks.

Course Features

  • 50+ video lessons arranged in progressive sequence
  • 20 minute full-body warm-up video for starting each lesson
  • Final Exam: Full 3-minute routine, which you’ll record and submit for personal review by Sokolova
  • Bonus videos with Sokolova’s tips for training, choreography, performance, and more
  • Access to our private community, where you can communicate directly with Sokolova and your classmates

Designed For

  • Polers who want to learn Sokolova’s signature Static-Spin style
  • Everyone who wants to take Sokolova’s advanced courses*
  • Pole dancers who want to perfect their core skills
  • Also suitable for those without any pole or dance experience

Platform Demo

* Advanced courses coming this Fall (2020)


Example: Lesson 36

Lessons range from 2 – 5 minutes, allowing maximum flexibility in how you progress with your training. The course is designed to be completed in 8 weeks. But you can go at your own pace, adjusting the course to fit to your schedule.

Example: Lesson 1

The first lesson teaches you how to walk beautifully around the pole. The lessons gradually increase in difficulty — by the end of the course, you’ll learn various inverts, stands, lifts, and static-spin combos.


Anastasia Sokolova was catapulted to international fame in 2013, when her Got Talent performances were seen by tens of millions on YouTube. This was a pivotal moment in the history of pole dance, as Sokolova’s fusion of acrobatic movements and cirque-inspired theatricality first demonstrated its full artistic possibilities.

Sokolova has traveled the globe ever since, teaching Pole to over 7,500 students in workshops around the world. Now for the first time ever, she is offering her expertise online in a series of video pole courses. The Beginner & Intermediate Course launched in April 2020, with more advanced courses to follow in months ahead.